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Publisher: Tribute Books
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780985792237
ISBN: 9781301031795
Release: April 16, 2013

The beloved Angel/Warrior team face pure evil in their final climactic story!

The first time they were sent down, Irish lives were led. Emily, the angel, ended up embedded in murder and lost in the realm of true love. While Matthew, the warrior, took over a life that left blood on his hands and anger in his soul.

With their second coming, Emily found herself facing an oncoming war that brought her to the shores of America. While Matthew tried desperately to unveil the evil character of a young man who was intent on locking his partner in a ‘gilded’ cage.

Now...Emily and Matthew find that their lives are all their own. Yet, all the memories, hatred, longing and regret have come hand-in-hand with this newfound freedom.

In small town U.S.A., Matthew finds himself loving his new life. From his military school existence to a new, ‘odd’ friend who’s arrived in town, Matthew’s looking forward to graduation and heading off into a brilliant future with Emily by his side.

Emily wants nothing more than to hide. Although doing her best to fit in, she lives a life on the edge, wondering when her past love will reappear to either forgive or seek revenge on the angel who let him down. Battling the shadows that seem to be breaking her soul in two, Emily soon discovers that her small, quiet town has a secret that’s beyond dangerous...

As she and Matthew join forces to help a ‘haunted’ victim, they open the door on a mystery neither of them can believe. A true villain has returned from the past, and not even their heavenly family will be able to save them. This time they’re on their own, as they face a fight that could lead them straight to Hell…and end the angel/warrior team forever.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Amy talks about...how The Angel Chronicles came to be

Matt and I were innocents.  Excited, upbeat, happy – we were thrilled to be leaving home for the very first time…

And that’s how it all began.  That’s how the warrior and the angel came here.

Inside my home we have a huge library filled with books – some that weren’t even written yet when we came down the first time.  I have to say the books have gotten better over the generations.  No offense.  I mean, I would never say anything bad about Austen or Poe – they were the best!  But lately I’ve been getting really into what you call ‘YA books.’  Young adult is an odd term.  I know it’s based on age, but most of the books are so good they would appeal to all ages.  Heck, even my divine teachers really liked that whole ‘Harry Potter’ phenomenon.

Matt and I love the angel books that have been published, even though there are a lot of ‘fallen’ ones.  They’re fun, of course, but not when you have to go up against one of them for real.  Believe me, then it just hurts. But in a fictional world they’re interesting.  Matt is into the ‘evil’ beings, sort of like that ‘old’ YA show I saw once about a girl named Buffy.  There were a whole bunch of creatures in there, but they really seemed to have a good time.  And that Angel, guy?  Don’t tell anyone, but I would definitely pick him over that Edward guy…although they both had really nice hair.

Anyway, I figured since all these other stories were out heralding our species, that it would be a good idea to tell our tale.  I have to definitely give a shout-out to the Hush, Hush crowd, and the Fallen crowd, and others who talk about our world and our troubled souls.  They’ve all been great, and they do come pretty close to the way it is, but it’s a bit more difficult for Matt and I because, well…we’re real.  We’ve been at this for a long time.  Our lives haven’t been easy, that’s for sure, and the soul I keep meeting down here – his name was Jason the first time around – is still a bit of a problem between us.  But our stories are adventurous, and we went through some seriously cool historical times.  I loved the ‘Roaring 20’s,’ but that comes in the next book.  Until Next Time is simply how it all began; how we got to experience life, adventure, fun, freedom, love and…pain, for the very first time.

Our mentors asked Tribute Books to put out this story because their name is perfect.  The book is a real ‘tribute’ to all we’ve been through – the choices we made and the lessons we learned.  They call it fiction and I understand that.  If it was called non-fiction it would probably cause all kinds of issues.

And I do like the cover; I look like one of those rock-and-roll chicks.  Matt will be on the next cover; he’s already primping for his picture right now.  All that’s left is to see how he decides to style his hair.  I know, he’s a little vain about his looks, but warriors usually are.  I hope you like our first trip.  There’s always another one.  After all, our lives don’t end…they just begin all over again.


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