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Publisher: Tribute Books
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780985792237
ISBN: 9781301031795
Release: April 16, 2013

The beloved Angel/Warrior team face pure evil in their final climactic story!

The first time they were sent down, Irish lives were led. Emily, the angel, ended up embedded in murder and lost in the realm of true love. While Matthew, the warrior, took over a life that left blood on his hands and anger in his soul.

With their second coming, Emily found herself facing an oncoming war that brought her to the shores of America. While Matthew tried desperately to unveil the evil character of a young man who was intent on locking his partner in a ‘gilded’ cage.

Now...Emily and Matthew find that their lives are all their own. Yet, all the memories, hatred, longing and regret have come hand-in-hand with this newfound freedom.

In small town U.S.A., Matthew finds himself loving his new life. From his military school existence to a new, ‘odd’ friend who’s arrived in town, Matthew’s looking forward to graduation and heading off into a brilliant future with Emily by his side.

Emily wants nothing more than to hide. Although doing her best to fit in, she lives a life on the edge, wondering when her past love will reappear to either forgive or seek revenge on the angel who let him down. Battling the shadows that seem to be breaking her soul in two, Emily soon discovers that her small, quiet town has a secret that’s beyond dangerous...

As she and Matthew join forces to help a ‘haunted’ victim, they open the door on a mystery neither of them can believe. A true villain has returned from the past, and not even their heavenly family will be able to save them. This time they’re on their own, as they face a fight that could lead them straight to Hell…and end the angel/warrior team forever.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amy talks about...the Divine Fight Club

One of my most vivid memories is of my grandmother at Sunday dinner. She owned one of those cookie-cutter faces, and her food - Holy BeJeezus! - we are talking the food of the gods atop the Acropolis. But when it was time to cut dessert her serving knife would’ve made Jack the Ripper look like a poor pickpocket. She would stand above the delicious ending of the meal, wave that scythe around and say, in her cute little voice, “WHO WANTS PIE?!” (This is the point where the cat would leave the room in fear for his life.)

That memory brought to mind the Divine Fight Club that’s coming to pass. The vampires were the ones who began this wave, and series after series has taken us into all the high schools and woodsy, barely lit, rainy areas that this world has to offer. However, there were ‘glimpses’ of a lighter being on the horizon a couple of years back.

Although angels have been mostly ‘fallen’ or, God forbid, worked for the ‘other side,’ they all had one thing in common; they protected the chick in order to attain that broken-hearted love match we all know so well. They also all have an enemy who they need to stop in order for everyone to live happily ever after. Dead, perhaps, but happy nonetheless.

Angels are slowly taking over, but as a writer I always wanted to know…would they even bother? What would the ‘fresh’ angels right off the line really do if they were suddenly faced with humanity and told to solve issues. Would they? And when these Divine beings get into warrior mode, who could kick whose butt the fastest? Would the ‘winged ones’ be totally turned off by the emotions like jealousy and anger that happen down here? And what if the angel’s Divine partner wanted to fight for humans but the angel didn’t? And the biggest question remains: Could a ‘halo’ destroy a ‘fanged one?’ Well…for this one I’m gonna have to give the edge to the Divine. After all, they do come from pretty good stock, not to mention the wings, bright lights and their backup defense really helps.

From YA novels to the movies, there are many exciting battles to think about. Could Edward Cullen outsmart Indiana Jones? Could Patch from Hush, Hush take out the Vampire Academy? And just think about Optimus Prime versus a vampire. It would be really hard to bite Prime. Perhaps you could shatter him into pieces, but chances are Bumble Bee would be right behind him and that fire he could shoot would turn a vamp to dust. Imagining the best battles is fun. Who do you think would make the coolest ‘Fight Club’ match imaginable?

And I also hope you enjoy the new ‘take’ that Until Next Time has to offer. If not, I may turn towards the Stephen King genre, and the next knock on your door could just be my grandmother. As another movie hero once said, “Now, that’s a knife!”

Until Next Time, Everybody.


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