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Publisher: Tribute Books
Pages: 320
ISBN: 9780985792237
ISBN: 9781301031795
Release: April 16, 2013

The beloved Angel/Warrior team face pure evil in their final climactic story!

The first time they were sent down, Irish lives were led. Emily, the angel, ended up embedded in murder and lost in the realm of true love. While Matthew, the warrior, took over a life that left blood on his hands and anger in his soul.

With their second coming, Emily found herself facing an oncoming war that brought her to the shores of America. While Matthew tried desperately to unveil the evil character of a young man who was intent on locking his partner in a ‘gilded’ cage.

Now...Emily and Matthew find that their lives are all their own. Yet, all the memories, hatred, longing and regret have come hand-in-hand with this newfound freedom.

In small town U.S.A., Matthew finds himself loving his new life. From his military school existence to a new, ‘odd’ friend who’s arrived in town, Matthew’s looking forward to graduation and heading off into a brilliant future with Emily by his side.

Emily wants nothing more than to hide. Although doing her best to fit in, she lives a life on the edge, wondering when her past love will reappear to either forgive or seek revenge on the angel who let him down. Battling the shadows that seem to be breaking her soul in two, Emily soon discovers that her small, quiet town has a secret that’s beyond dangerous...

As she and Matthew join forces to help a ‘haunted’ victim, they open the door on a mystery neither of them can believe. A true villain has returned from the past, and not even their heavenly family will be able to save them. This time they’re on their own, as they face a fight that could lead them straight to Hell…and end the angel/warrior team forever.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Amy talks about...faith in literature

No, I’m not going into a debate over religion. The basic plot of The Angel Chronicles is not religion, it is a story of absolute, unwavering faith. Whether that be faith in life, faith in the one you love, or simply having faith in the fact that you’re doing the right thing, it doesn’t really matter. Every reader will find something different to have faith in when Emily and Matt enter their world.

The angel and warrior team are based on every teen. They’re based on how I felt living in a small town where the snow fell and…well, that’s pretty much it. Great family, but I was thirteen, bored out of my mind and wondering if that dreaded adulthood would be any different? My mom is a career librarian and made me a true book lover. Besides my daughter, they re the one thing I never want to be without. When I was younger I could walk with Judy Blume and begin to see what romance was really all about; and then later in life I could soar on Harry Potter’s broomstick. I can always catch up with Elizabeth Bennet and see her fall head-over-heels for Mr. Darcy, and I can be scared out of my mind as the clipped hedges come get me in front of Mr. King’s famous, Overlook Hotel. I have faith in books. I have faith that the author is going to take me on a journey that I’ll never forget and, more often than not, they do.

It was a great day for me when the “winged ones” began to appear in YA literature. The “fanged ones” had been at the top of the podium for so long that many readers believed that the vamps had taken over for the rest of time. But slowly those angels fell and created a new adventure for all of us to get into.

Matt and Emily were a spark, an idea that came when I was very young and I wondered if those ‘beings’ would actually lose their faith if they came down here. I mean, you only have to call up MSN once a day to see the hideous news we have going on. Would an angel be able to do their job while running face-first into the world of human emotions? Then I began to really ‘see’ what would occur. As I aged, I began to see the love triangle, and I wanted to find that unique button that didn’t involve the torment of the ‘fallen’ who were up against the ultimate bad guy; I wanted them to be up against the ones they were defending. I wanted that romantic factor to be one that no reader could guess. Would the girl choose the human or the angel? What happens if both were her soulmate - just in different locations? When real life comes into play, things change. The good can suddenly want something with so much passion and fierceness that they stop playing by the rules and become that warrior hero that everyone wants to know. And vice versa. The warrior who thinks with their head can sometimes fall so deeply in love that all reason goes out the window and they let their heart lead them on.

Matt and Emily have a job to do - many, in fact. But when they get to that magic age where they can leave home for the first time and venture into the world, freedom comes with a very high price - humanity. So watching these two fight to keep their faith in each other in a world that’s tearing them apart is extremely exciting.

As the editing has now come to a close on Book II of The Angel Chronicles, I can only say that it’s been a thrilling ride for me. The characters are charming and a great deal of fun, the humor sparks the imagination and, above all, Emily and Matt are still providing me with that one very important thing…faith. I hope they provide that to you, as well.

Until Next Time, Everybody.


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